Pre-Intermediate Tango Classes

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PLEASE NOTE: No Classes in July and August. We resume September 8th.

The pre-intermediate level presents essential details and elements that are often considered 'common sense'. Things that seem obvious to Advance dancers but took years for them to master, secrets that you supposed to know or somehow figure out on your own is what you will learn in our pre-intermediate courses.

Cross system

Once you dance Tango for a bit you start realizing that Tango is an extremely rich language of non-verbal communication. And just as with any language - the more you learn, the more you know, the more interesting it becomes.

It causes one little behavioral 'curiosity': if you ask any of the advanced students what level they are, they say proudly 'intermediate'. In fact if you ask a teacher what level they consider themselves they would also often answer: 'intermediate'. There is ALWAYS so much more to learn.


The PRE-Intermediate course was born to smoothen the transition between Beginner and Intermediate levels and introduce all the missing but necessary tidbits of information that are required at higher levels.

You are ready for this level if you already know all elements taught in BEGINNER. Please make sure you read through Beginner syllabus to reconfirm with yourself that you know it all.


You can also take this course if the lists of essentials provided below sounds like a foreign language to you.

The pre-intermediate level consists on 3 series that keep rotating. You can take the series in any order. It is important though that you take them all.

Focus on cross system



Deciphering parallel and cross system

Parallel system is when partner’s left leg works on front of your right and partner’s right leg walk in front of your left. Cross system allows right leg to walk with partner’s right leg and left leg with partner’s left leg. Everything is possible in tango!

The little twist of cross system introduces infinite amount of possibilities as special relationship between partners is changed and modified by adding or suspending just one step.

Just walking in parallel system gives 4-8 possibilities, adding cross system generates additional 4-8.

We will be deciphering parallel and cross system. When and how the system changes and what are the consequences. How to smoothly transition from one to the other. What figures become possible once the cross system opens up for us.

By mastering cross system you are opening the door of never ending possibilities. No other dance uses cross system, opposition and circular lead to that extend. Welcome to the secret world of Tango.

You will learn:

*Understanding difference between parallel and cross system.

*Getting into cross system: weight change and suspension.

*Leading weight change and suspension.

*Walking outside partner left, outside partner right and transition between the two (all in cross system).

*Back crosses and forward crosses during walk.

*Basic to the cross in cross system.

*Sample variations and modifications of basic to the cross.

*Baldoza in cross system. Possibilities.

*Musicality: double time.

Focus on ochos and pivots

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in September 2019


Cross versus ocho versus pivot

We will be learning about pivoting action, forward and back rotations – how to distinguish and how the execute the two.

This is the course that makes all the difference in the world in your understanding about all the tango moves. Rotations, pivoting, spiral, isolation, decoupling and delay in movement are all the topics that even most advanced dancers work on and struggle with all the time.

Take the time know to understand them to save yourself hours and hours of troubles later. Welcome to the secret world of Tango. The doors are ajar.

You will learn

*Cross versus ocho – what’s the difference.

*Forward and back crosses and ochos.

*Opposition and spiral movement

*Pivot and axis of pivot

*Difference between contra body movement and spiral.

*Simultaneous ochos.

*Isolating Lead from Follow.

*Ocho cortado.

Focus on molinete

MAY 12 - JUNE 30
No classes:
w Joaquin Amenabar


Basic structure for Tango language

Molinete and its mantra like repetitiveness create a basic structure for Tango language and all tango steps. You may hear it being called code of walking or code of Tango.

You want to be sure you know and understand the difference between open and cross step and you can recite in your sleep the mantra of back side forward side back side forward side from any starting point forward and backwards.

Weight change plus 3 directions on each leg plus 2 pivots on each leg are the basic structural element of Tango and absolute necessity for improvisation. This series will help you out with controlling the precise direction and distance/length of the steps as well as amount of pivot.

Deciphering connection, making lead and follow more clear and precise that’s our goal for this series.

You will learn:

*Open step versus cross step.

*Difference in leading weight change and side step.

*Consequences of replacing weight change with the side step.

*Leading continuous side step – is it possible?

*Isolating lead from Leader’s step.

*Forward-Side-Back – Tango mantra.

*Adding pivot to each direction – possibilities.

*Mixing directions in any possible configuration as intro to improvisation.

Pre-Intermediate students improvising after completing one of the courses

Become an Ultimate Tango Dancer

Once you dance Tango for a bit you start realizing that Tango is an extremely rich language of non-verbal communication. And just as with any language - the more you learn, the more you know, the more interesting it becomes.

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