Beginner Tango Classes

TUESDAYS 7:30 - 9pm

PLEASE NOTE: In summer (July and August) Beginner Classes happen only on Tuesdays.
Regular schedule will resume in September: Sundays 2pm, Tuesdays 7:30pm, Thursdays 7:30pm

Everyone starts somewhere, and our beginner tango lessons are the perfect way to get into this exciting dance. Showing up is the hardest part.

Argentine Tango, the most passionate and addictive dance. The dance that reflects life so closely that it makes you wonder how this is even possible. Once you enter tango world it changes you forever. It will also empower you with ability to dance and make friends anywhere in the world as you master your Tango language.

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Intro To Tango

Intro to Tango

INTRO TO TANGO 4 weeks course allows you easy start at Ultimate Tango. In short 4 weeks you will learn basics of tango connections, specifics of tango walk and few simple figures that will allow you to enter the dance floor immediately after the first class.

INTRO TO TANGO course will let you familiarize yourself with tango basics, learn more insight about Argentine Tango, meet Ultimate Tango community and decide if Argentine Tango is really the dance for you.

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  • I don’t have a partner . . .

    Not a problem! During the class we change partners so you will always have someone to dance with. Once you out of the program and start going out you will realize that everyone dances with everyone, not with just their partner. There are exceptions of course, but they constitute less than 10% of community.

  • I have no dance experience - at all!

    Excellent! The Intro to Tango is for you then! And don't worry. Most all of tango dancers don't have early dance experience. We've all learned it as adults with no previous experience. We teach you from the very beginning in a methodical approachable way.

  • I cannot hear the music

    That is surprisingly common in a sense. However what we discovered is that most people can move to the music with no problems. Once coordination of the body meets the melody you will be surprise how well you will do in a short time. Your brain hears well so it’s just getting you to move with your brain.

  • I have 2 left feet!

    We love it! We will find you partners with 2 right feet so you are compatible! But on the serious note - if you can walk - you will be dancing in no time. We love to meet you and talk about starting your Tango journey. You can drop in to any Beginner Tango Class no matter your experience.



If you already know that you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to learn the tango then you shall dive right away into 8 weeks Beginner course on Sundays at 2pm.

Beginner course includes more details, more exercises and more practice time so after completing it you are ready for Pre-Intermediate level. We work more in depth and progress a little slower as we are spending more time on understanding how the connection is created and kept through the dance, how we communicate (lead-follow) so the true improvisation becomes possible.

Get 4 classes for $42
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  • Beginner course is meant for people who either never ever danced Tango,

    took few tango classes long time ago or took few tango lessons quite recently but are not sure what they know or if they are ready for next level. If you don't know what you know but you do know that you really, really, really want to dance Argentine Tango - this course is for you!

  • Beginner Tango course will put all your information in order.

    You gain the necessary vocabulary and learn all the basic movements to be able to easily follow the explanations at higher levels of Tango courses. You will also learn to execute all the movements in close embrace and understand the basic of torsion and its influence on tango dance structure and technique.

  • Beginner Tango course is required to attend any higher level of tango classes

    offered at Ultimate Tango. We respect our students and we want to keep Ultimate Tango classes at the high standards. Please respect our commitment to excellence. And make it your own.

  • The material is precisely organized to allow maximum progress.

    You will learn: variations of baldoza in parallel system, parallel basic to the cross, variations of rebound and transitions between 3 variations of parallel walk. Connection, lead-follow, musicality and basics of improvisations are the core aspects of this course. See lesson by lesson syllabus below.

Beginner students improvising after completing 8 weeks Beginner course

What You'll Learn

Lesson 1

* Feet position and placement
* Weight distribution: Ball of the foot, neutral, heel
* Axis in Tango
* Weight shift
* Basics of connection
* Practice hold
* Characteristic of forward and back walk
* Importance of 2 tracks
* Walking alone
* Cadencia of Tango
* Tango beat versus musical beat
* Navigation: around the floor counterclockwise
* Walking in partnership (practice hold)
* How to walk around the curve

Lesson 2

* Idea of center, leading and non-verbal communication
* Idea of improvisation
* Developing intention to lead
* Developing sensitivity to follow
* Understanding the body language
* Shape/direction of lead in back step
* Leading forward, back and side leg extension
* Tango walk in close connection (no embrace)
* Building confidence of walk
* Walking to the music

Lesson 3

* Meaning of the embrace as crucial part of Tango language
* 9 point of connection
* Circles of energy
* Circularity of embrace
* Characteristic of Tango embrace: close side, open side, asymmetry, blind spots
* Walk in close embrace
* Body language: meaning of the shape of embrace in the Milonga
* Idea of spiral versus contra body movement
* Finding torsions of upper body
* Accommodating partner movement
* Walking outside partner

Lesson 4

Parallel system v cross system
* Difference between cross and open step
* Walking outside partner right and coming back to neutral
* Walking outside partner left and coming back to neutral
* Smooth transition between outside partner right, neutral and left
* Improvising outside/inside walk

Lesson 5

* Weight shifts in crossed feet position
* Linear lead versus circular lead
* Leading direction from outside partner position
* Mastering precision in leading direction
* Isolating lead from leader actions
* Presence, intention, engagement and disengagement
* Leading / following the cross from walk

Lesson 6

* Side step
* Difference between weight shift and step
* Leading side step versus weight change
* Continuity of movement forward and back versus side step
* 6 directions of tango
* Verbal lead
* Essence of baldoza shape
* Leading changes of directions
* Baldoza inside partner
* Baldoza outside partner
* Combining baldoza and basic cross
* Basic to the cross

Lesson 7

* Rock step and rebound - the difference
* Rebound in line
* Rebound in outside partner position
* Double time in rebounds
* Rebound with pivot (to the right)
* Rebound with pivot (to the left)
* Transition between rebound and walking
* Rebound to the side step
* Conscious usage of rebound as change of direction (‘corner step’, ‘rescue step’)
* Double time in rebounds

Lesson 8

* Ways of getting outside partner: side step and cross walk
* Cross from baldoza
* Cross from walk
* Double time in basic to the cross
* Rebound
* Double time in rebound
* Cadencia. Difference between Tango, Milonga and Vals
* Milonga: cabaceo, tanda, cortina, order of tandas, invitation-acceptance
* Floor craft: Basics of Tango navigation.

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  • "They are professional, passionate, graceful, and true masters of their trade. They are patient and take the time to break down the steps to ensure one truly grasps and understands the motions, not just mechanically follow and repeat the steps."
    Katherine L.
  • "Ultimate Tango (UT) is a little piece of Buenos Aires in Medford Square. Hernan and Anita are the knowledgeable teachers and gracious hosts. This duo has really upped the standard of tango in the Boston area. "
    Elizabeth O.
  • "You've come to the right place for tango! The instructors are passionate and patient. I love Hernan and Anita!!! You will see progress and feel confident even after one or two lessons."
    Miryam L.
  • "I have being taking Hernan and Anita's 8 weeks course and love how they take the time to go through the mechanics of the steps. They observe each student and will correct you by dancing with you."
    Kamal M.
  • "Hernan is not only world class dancer and warm hearted human, he also has a solid knowledge in many sciences such as a reflexology, human anatomy and psychology. He applies them all in teaching!"
    Rita L.
  • "Anita and Hernan have created a rare establishment. Imagine: you take a break from your daily chores, park the car on the busy street (plenty parking available), walk down the stairs and enter their studio, a tango oasis."
    Tsachi S.