The forces again are with us!

Joaquin Amenabar is coming back May 3-4-5 to Ultimate Tango, to present his one and only unique method of teaching musicality to dancers with no musical background.

And even if you do have musical background you will still be surprised by the amount of research it was put into Joaquin's work




1 workshop = $40
2 workshops = $75
3 workshops = $100
4 workshops = $120
5 workshops = $140
6 workshops = $150
9 workshops = $200

Register for as many workshops as your schedule allows you to attend. We recommed attending all even if you took some of them before.

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MORE ON Joaquín Amenábar's Musicality Workshops:

Appropriate for All Levels of dancers.

By design, the Workshops are fully accessible to beginners and newcomers as long as there is willingness to learn... For those who already dance they are very challenging as you are learning from the perspective of already knowing how difficult tango musicality is. If you are an experienced dancer you will find this workshops informative and epiphanic.

Aimed at dancers.

The Workshops are not "lectures" on music theory or history - we will be on our feet and moving most of the time so we can immediately apply what we just heard explained and proven with musical examples.

No partner required.

The primary emphasis will be on individual work, understanding and taking responsibility - moving in time with particular accented sounds, aspects, elements, and features of the music. One of the implemented concept is music being a leader for both partners.

No special training or background in music is necessary.

The Workshops are hands on, or rather legs on.... "non-theoretical" - Joaquín uses common everyday language, clear metaphors, and unique visual aids to enhance our investigations.

Both "live" and recorded Tango music.

In addition to narrating our guided listening and movement to "Golden Age" classics, Joaquín will play live on his bandoneón to help illustrate and highlight key features of the music.

No "steps" or patterns.

The concepts, processes and examples explored are universally applicable in all Tango situations that we encounter as both Leaders and Followers - useful for everything from "simple" walking and turns ... to the most intricate and complex combinations that we might create on the improvised social dance floor.

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WHO IS Joaquín Amenábar?

Widely celebrated as a "modern master of the bandoneón," Joaquín Amenábar is a multi-faceted and supremely talented "Renaissance Man of Tango" - performer, orquesta leader (Orquestra Tipica de la Guardia Vieja), composer, arranger, music professor at University of Buenos Aires, writer (Tango, Let's dance to the music!), historian, lecturer, instrument tuner and technician. Even more significantly Joaquín is an active social tango dancer!

Register now for 3 dyas of workshops »
Joaquín Amenábar is a multi-faceted and supremely talented Renaissance Man of Tango

It was the social dancing part blended with his own deep knowledge of musical performance, history and composition, that led him to investigate a number of challenges that many of tango dancers face daily:

  • How to learn the music if we do not have the benefit of formal music training
    • How can we as tango dancers take in, process and respond to the many layers, subtleties and nuances of tango music ...
      • In ways that help us create, discover and explore our own unique dance more efficiently ...
      • And then share it with each other as we improvise together on the social dance floor ...?

        The result is Joaquín's book Tango. Lets dance to the music!, but also unique and highly innovative program on Musicality for Tango Dancers that took more then 10 years to develop to its current perfection. Joaquin is teaching it all over the world since 2009.


        In addition to music and tango, Joaquín is very fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese, which allows him to communicate more directly with more dancers all over the world.

Tango, Let's dance to the music - book by Joaquin Amenabar

Tango - Let’s Dance to the Music! by Joaquín Amenábar

is an outstanding instruction manual for dancers with no musical education who want to learn how to dance on the beat (many options) or the melody line.

The accompanying DVD has audio clips picking out the various rhythms, and video clips demonstrating the step options. The book also explains in detail (very clear, well-written detail) the history of the music and how the different rhythms were introduced, how the songs are phrased so you can work in figures, the various timings and syncopations for taking steps (in tango, milonga, and tango vals), how to choreograph a piece (he even provides instructions for making audio snippets for practice), and how to teach the material to others. Knowing fancy footwork is not enough - to really enjoy Argentine tango, you need to dance to the music, and this book is an absolute must-have for expediting your learning curve.

  • "They are professional, passionate, graceful, and true masters of their trade. They are patient and take the time to break down the steps to ensure one truly grasps and understands the motions, not just mechanically follow and repeat the steps."
    Katherine L.
  • "Ultimate Tango (UT) is a little piece of Buenos Aires in Medford Square. Hernan and Anita are the knowledgeable teachers and gracious hosts. This duo has really upped the standard of tango in the Boston area. "
    Elizabeth O.
  • "You've come to the right place for tango! The instructors are passionate and patient. I love Hernan and Anita!!! You will see progress and feel confident even after one or two lessons."
    Miryam L.
  • "I have being taking Hernan and Anita's 8 weeks course and love how they take the time to go through the mechanics of the steps. They observe each student and will correct you by dancing with you."
    Kamal M.
  • "Hernan is not only world class dancer and warm hearted human, he also has a solid knowledge in many sciences such as a reflexology, human anatomy and psychology. He applies them all in teaching!"
    Rita L.
  • "Anita and Hernan have created a rare establishment. Imagine: you take a break from your daily chores, park the car on the busy street (plenty parking available), walk down the stairs and enter their studio, a tango oasis."
    Tsachi S.