Pre-Advanced Tango Classes

Master the many techniques and mechanics of all the elements of tango with this class that helps dancers really shine on the dance floor.

Pre-Advanced course is meant as an INTRODUCTION of more advanced tango elements. Each 8-week cycle is focused on exploring the technique of one or more related elements. Sample combinations are given so you can immeddiately introduce new elements into your dance.

8 weeks of Introduction at Pre-Advanced level are immediately followed by 8 weeks of much more difficul combinations and involved exploration of the new element at Advanced level. You may choose to stay at Pre-Advanced level unti lyou learn all elements or start attending both classes to continue mastering elements you've just learned.

There are 12 subjects that we consider faily essential and they keep rotating. Please check the class schedule to know when specific ones are starting.

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What You'll Learn

Vocabulary Basics

We take some time to build up your understanding of the different ideas and techniques that are instrumental in helping dancers know more about their craft and how to effectively apply those fundamentals to the dance.


In translation cadena means chain. And just like rings in chain loop into each other, the name cadena is assign to any step that can be repeated by looping not by definite beginning and end like the regular sequence does. Cadenas will let you fly around the floor, get out of the tight situation in the crowded Milonga or present yourself on the floor when there is not that many couples and there is space to shine. They are fairly tricky to understand, but once you understand the concept and master the technique they are really handy to use.


The subject of alterations by its nature is as infinite as Tango. To alter means to modify, to change or cause to change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way. Typical alterations start with understanding changes of directions that usually happen through reversing forward and back crosses through repetition. Alteration let you change the direction directly from forward to back and from back to forward not only influencing the movement of follower but the whole couple.

Structure of Improvisation

Advanced Structure of Improvisation is based on sensations. There is infinite amount of combinations of Tango and you can only memorize and master so many, but the amount of sensation is finite. Is not easy job to master all of them or find them in your body, but Tango is a work in progress, never ending project and the more you challenge your brain and your body the more you are able to understand and do.

Forward and Back Boleos

Boleo derives from the verb bolear, to throw. It comes from the tool called LARIAT that gauchos used to capture the animals. It is a set of 3 various lengths ropes weighted at the free end and tied together. Thrown sideways it wraps around the target capturing it.

Wraps and Ganchos

In exact translation gancho means a hook. In tango the gancho is an element executed by flexing and swinging the free leg around … an obstacle. The leg ‘bends itself’ as it meets the obstacle during its trajectory of movement. Engancho (Wrap) is a very interesting Tango element as it can be added and danced in almost any situation – both stage and social, in crowded and very open spaces and they always look good.


Beside visual effect of displacement sacadas allow travelling of axis during giros and uses of the spaces normally unavailable for use as they are taken by one of the partners. Sacadas open tones of completely new possibilities.

Back Sacadas

Back sacadas require all technique normally necessary to perform regular displacement plus good understanding of torsions, pivots, timing and movement delay. We will work on torsions, pivots, overpivoting (without disturbing your partner axis and losing connection and balance, ability to walk while in overturn position plus other necessary elements so the back sacada can be freely introduced during improvised dance.

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These classes are a must for moving from intermediate to advanced levels. If you want to truly be a master of tango, sign up to get the initial fundamentals here!

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